Indian Recipe Book

The author has received extensive heartwarming feedback from users around the world since the first publication of the book in 2007. There have also been some very good suggestions for improvement.  The fifth printing – available since January 2014 –  has been extensively revamped and contains new recipes on popular request and suggestions pertaining to specific dishes.

This book is a collection of recipes acquired through a lifetime of cooking and entertaining the author’s own family and friends. It is designed to provide you with the skills needed to put a nutritious, hot meal on your table every night, as well as those needed to wow your friends, neighbors, or even your mom!

From Mom with Love… originally a collection of hand written manuscripts by a loving mother for her own children who were growing up in America, is perhaps the only cookbook that contains:


* 139 healthy vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian dishes recipes for everyday meals that she grew up with in India

* Fancy dishes such as Goan Shrimp Curry and Palak Paneer

* 70 vegan recipes have been clearly marked in the contents

* Super high protein low fat healthy recipes such as Mung Beans Dal, Sprouted Mung, Mung Beans Cheele (Unsweetened Pan Cakes), Scrambled Tofu, and Khichdi

* Full-color mouthwatering pictures for almost every recipe

* A complete list of spices, legumes, beans, and pots and pans you need to start cooking

* A pantry list for beginners and another one for more committed and experienced cooks in a format that you can take right to the store with you

* Ideas about foods you can cook and freeze ahead of time for when you need to produce a meal in a hurry or are too tired to cook

* A complete list of menu combinations for different occasions, both special and everyday

* Suggestions on how to deal with cooking crises such as a sauce that has become too thin

* Tips for storing and preparing precooked masalas and efficient ways to freeze chutneys

* Details on the pots and pans you need and serving suggestions including the suggested accompaniments for the recipe

* Safety tips such as how to quickly put out a minor fire on your stove

* Guidelines for cleaning and odor removal

* Home remedies for minor ailments such as cough and colds, upset stomachs